Josef Josephu


Florian Josephu


The official home of Josephu, sculptor brothers from Vienna.

The family name Josephu (or Josefu) is Ukrainian in origin. Pronounced: Yo-Sef-Foo.

Josef Josephu (sometimes noted as Josef Josefu or Joseph Josefu) and Florian Josephu (sometimes noted as Florian Josephu-Drouot) were brothers born in Vienna and separated during World War II.  Very talented and respected sculptors who studied with the same teachers, and have often had their information mixed up.  This project began many years ago and information is still surfacing as lost works emerge, and more confirmed information finds its way to the internet.

I am working on a personal illustrated biography on my grandfather, Josef.  I will include his brother for it’s hard to separate them, but my cousin Sabina – granddaughter of Florian – is working on his biography.  We gladly share discoveries with each other.  My book will include much more information than detailed in these informative pages, and will include hundreds of photos and illustrations from the family archives and other resources.  I also intend to create a documentary on Josephu.