Brothers in Stone

Rediscovering the Viennese sculptors
Josef and Florian Josephu
brothers, sculptors and rivals.

unveliedrestored I am the grandson and biographer of the Viennese-born sculptor, Josef Josephu (Feb 1889 – Sept 1970). I have been researching for more than 15 years creating an illustrated biography of Josef, and his brother Florian – who was also a sculptor, and rival – to document their lives and their artistic triumphs. Special thanks to my cousin, George Klein for his assistance, generosity and friendship, and to Herbert Fischer for his excellent research abilities, contributions and friendship.

If you own a Josephu piece, or know of one in a public venue, please contact me. Third party contributions will be most helpful and welcome, and will enable us to extend the base of works by Josephu. Email, please!!

NEWS: On October 4, 2022, Josef’s restored sculpture of St. Francis of Assissi will  unveiled at Vienna’s Hermesvilla! (Image left)

I visited Vienna in 2011 and again in 2014 in an effort to further my research. However, I view the work as an ongoing project and will amend it as new information is uncovered. The printed biography will be tied into this blog, and I am considering a documentary as well. In December 2020 I was made a dual citizen of Austria.

I also would like to thank the contributions and friendly access I have been given by many museums, offices and societies in Austria. Among them are the Künstlerhaus, The Vienna Academy of Fine Art, The Belvedere, the Wien Museum, the Adler Herald-Genealogy Society, the Feuerwher Museum of Am Hof, the Magistrat der Landeshauptstadt, Linz …. and more.