The Family Tree

The Josephu family tree is extensvie – with an impressive array of direct ancestors, and many connected through marriage.  I have been researching for years and in the process discovered family my mother thought had died during World War II.  My greatest discovery was connecting with them, and enjoying many visits.  I must acknowledge Herbert Fischer. He began helping in my research and eventually we became friends.  (Note: Here I chose the early spelling of the fmaily name as Josefu.) Josef is my grandfather.


Below I break down the tree as “direct,” (my direct ancestors) and “branches,” those connect through marriages


Karl Josefu– Born 9 March 1765; Died 20 December 1834

Wenzel Josefu – Born 10 February 1807 (Krušovice, Gallisin); Died 26 March 1878. A landscape gardener.

     Marie Mathilda Catherine Drouot (Wenzel’s wife) – Born March 15, 1814 (Bruck an der Leitha); died March 26, 1899 [sister of Viktor Drouot]

     Viktor Ritter von Drouot – Born 10 June 1811; Died 6 May 1897: knighted by Emperor Franz Josef.

     Wenzel Josef Hyazinth Josefu – Born 10 August 1897 (Krysowice); Died 11 September 1923 (St. Andrea Worden) – a landscape gardener

     Maria Zajic (Wenzel’s wife) – Born 30 November 1854 (Unhosti, Prague); married Wenzel 24 November 1877; Died 29 February 1935 (St. Andrea Worden)

     Florean Zajic (Maria’s brother) – Born 4 May 1853 (Prague); Died 17 May 1926 (Berlin): famous violinist.


     Wenzel & Maria’s children:

            Josef Wenzel Gabriel Vitkor – Born 5 September 1878 (Libochovice): Baptized 7 September 1878; Died 30 January 1888

            Marie Mathilda Alzbeta (Mitzi) – Born 5 May, 1880 (Libochovice): Married Franz Kuderna 26 February 1906; Died 1963 (Vienna)

            Ladislaus Josefu (Lado) – Born 28, 1881 (Vienna); Married Adele Menzel: Dieid 8 January 1914 (Vienna)

            Wilhelmine Josefu (Wilma) – Born 15 October 1883 (Vienna); Died 2 March 1965 (Vienna)

            Florian Otto Daniel Josefu (Flori) – Born 28 May 1886 (Pilsen, near Prague); Married Olga Wilhelmine Klein; Died 14 March 1978 (Vienna)

            Josef Wenzel Viktor Josefu (Pepo) – Born 12 Feb* 1889 (Vienna); Married Olga Kohn 16 May 1918; Died 30 September 1970 (New York)

            Karl Josefu – Born 20 December 1896 (Vienna); Married Leopoldine Schmidt 14 July 1921; Died 13 Feb 1933

                                                 * There is some discrepancy of Josef’s birth to be either 12 Jan or 12 Feb – records indicate both.


Viktor Ritter Drouot (6 October 1811; 5 June 1897). Knighted by Empror Franz Josef, sister to Maria Mathilda, grandmother of Florian and Josef.  For a period of time, Florian added “Drouot” to his name to seperate himself from his brother Josef, who was known often by his last name “Josefu.”  Viktor served as the Mayor of Linz 31 March 1867 to 6 April of 1873.

Ivan Gabrilović Meštrović (15 August 1883 – 16 January 1962) A Croation sculptor and member of Vienna’s Seccession, some call one the most important sculptors of the 20th Century.  Florian married Olga Klein. Olga’s sister, Ruza, married Ivan.   Ruza Klein was an accomplished artist herself.

Otto Waldis (20 May 1901; 25 March 1974) An actor who began in Frizt Lang’s film, M. Born as Otto Gluckemann-Blum, a cousin to Olga Kohn, Josef’s wife.

Gustav Mahler (7 July 1860; 18 May 1911) Composer. Distantly related through Olga Kohn, via her father Moritz Brod, related to the Schindler/Mahler family.

Carl Moll (23 April 1861; 13 April 1945) Painter and founding member of Vienna’s Secession. Connected via the Schindler/Mahler family.