Florian and Josef began their artistic training early in their lives.  Their father, Wenzel, a landscape gardener had taken work in Graz, Austria, in 1902.  He enrolled his boys in the Department of Sculpture at the Municple Trade Shool of Graz, now called the Grazer Ortweinschule Bau-Kunst-Design.

      School records indicate Florian attended the Open Drawing and Modeling Hall for Males in 1902/03, then in the Special School for Modeling in the DepartmenT of of Fine Art 1903/04.

         Josef attended the Special School for Modeling in the Department of Applied Art 1903/04.

         Both studied with Hans Brandstätter and George Winkler, two important Austrian sculptors; additionally, Josef studied with Professor Anton Brenek.


       By mid 1904 the family returned to Vienna. Florian and Josef soon began their formal training at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.   Studying there at the same time was Egon Schiele.  Rejected at that time was a young painter, Adolf Hitler.   And just prior to their attendance, Ivan Meštrović, studied with the same professors and the Josefu brothers.   Their professors were also members of Vienna’s Secession, and as result it was erroneously reported that Florian and Josef were also Secession members.   Their professors are some of the most respected giants of the Vienna art scene.

       Forian entered the Academy 1904/1905 and interrupted his studies furing World War I, where he was wounded.  Florian studied a total of eight years and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  Josef first studied at State Trade School of Vienna, then entered the Academy in 1907, also interrupted his studies and wounded in World War I.  He completed his studies in 1919.


Edmund von Helmmer (12 November 1850; 9 March 1935) A founder of the Vienna Seccesion. From 1901-1922 was a rector and Vice President of the Academy. in 1912 knighted by Emperor Franz Josef.

Hans Bitterlich (28 April 1860; 5 August 1949). A painter and highly respected artist who had studied with Edmund von Helmmer. The head of the Vienna Academy Special School for Sculpture 1910-1931, and Rector of the Academy 1930/31.

Josef Müllner (1 August 1879; 25 December 1968) Studied with von Helmmer and Kaspar von Zumbusch. A member of the Vienna Secession, professor at the Vienna Academy 1910-1948, Rector of the Academy 1926-1928.

Karl von Kundmann (15 June 1838; 19 June 1919) His major work includes the Athena Fountain at Vienna’s Paliament Buidling on the Ringstrasse. A professor at the Academy until 1909.