The Documentary

This section will focus on advancements of the biographical video documentary on Josephu. It will be sometime before the research ends and the book finalized. At that point I’ll consider making a short documentary. I’m just not sure if would be about my journey and discovery, or about the brothers…or both.

I am very pleased that I have been given permission to use a piano performance as the music track for the documentary. The chose the classical piece “Standchen: Leise flehen meine Lieder” from Shubert’s Schwannengesang;  a series of songs written by Shubert and not published until after his death. The title translates to “Swan Song,” and a greats, such as Lizst, wrote the arrangements. The melody has that European feel with a melancholy melody. Shubert once said his sole purpose in this world was to compose. My grandfather’s sole purpose was to sculpt and, fittingly, he sculpted a bust of Shubert.

I came across this concert piano recital by Burkard Schliessmann, who gives a very moving interpretation. Please listen to Burkhard’s performance: click here.

Below is Josef’s bust of Franz Schubert. The original location is not known, but there were small bronze reproductions made, approximately 5 inches tall, which occasionally show up at online art auctions sites. Josef made many small bronzes reproduced and sold by Argentor, founded in 1902 and closed in 1970.